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Aquachek Gold 5 Way Test Strips
Our Price: $27.95


Convenient, Economical & Easy to Use!

AquaChek Gold 5 Way Test Strips offer hot tub, spa, and pool owners a convenient and easy way to test all of the critical daily parameters of their water.

The 5-way test strips test for total chlorine, free chlorine, total hardness, total alkalinity, and pH. They come with a comprehensive instruction booklet and a chemical chart for proper dosing.

AquaChek Gold’s 5-Way Test Strips are convenient, economical and easy to use! Simply dip a strip into your hot tub, spa or pool water for one second and remove it immediately. Watch the results appear in just seconds.

Save time, money and get fast, accurate results for free and total chlorine, total bromine, pH and total alkalinity in about 30 seconds. To keep your hot tub or spa water clean and healthy, test the water before and after each use.

Each bottle contains one hundred (100) test strips and all bottles are fresh with a shelf life of 18 months from date of product manufacture. AquaChek Gold 5 Way Test Strips are the preferred choice of professional hot tub, spa and pool service technicians, engineers and homeowners.

The difference between AquaChek and other pool and spa test strips is that AquaChek test strips undergo strict release qualification testing. Constant monitoring of the manufacturing process ensures that AquaChek test strips are the finest test strips available for your use.

AquaChek is the world’s leading manufacturer of test strips and has earned the internationally recognized iso 9001 certification by following strict quality standards.