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Cover-Up Spa Cover Lift

Cover-Up Spa Cover Lift
Our Price: $169.95


Cover-Up is the first spa cover lifter to use Versa Mount, a universal lifter mount. This versatile mounting system allows the lift to be mounted to the spa cabinet or the deck and handles most spa applications up to 8 feet in dimensions.

The unique design features allow the Cover-Up to easily accommodate round, octagon, and uniquely shaped hot tubs and spas in wide range of sizes. Cover-Up cover lifts are built with advanced engineering, quality and trouble free performance.
-Convenient safe storage.
-Extends cover life.
-Beautiful and long lasting powder coating.
-Cabinet or deck mounting.

Engineered for either spa side or deck mount, the advanced-design of the Cover-Up utilizes “Forward Fulcrum” to assist in lifting your spa cover on and off your spa. This advanced design, along with exacting tolerances, allows for the easiest of installations on the widest variety of hot tubs and spas.

The most innovative aspect of the Cover-Up is their new universal deck/cabinet mounting bracket called the VersaMount. The VersaMount is fitted with small, powerful torsion springs to assist the cover on and off the spa.

With this Torsion Spring System, the Cover-Up is less reliant on safety cables for slowing the momentum of the cover, thereby averting careless cabinet damage, or cable failure.

With this Torsion Spring System, putting the cover back on the spa can be done with only one finger and shock loads to the cabinet imposed by “less than careful” cover removal are reduced. This helps protect both the cover and the spa. This unique and versatile mounting system accommodates virtually any spa up to 8 feet wide.

This strong mounting bracket is versatile enough to be attached to the side of the spa cabinet or fastened to the deck, which allows for use in a much wider range of spa shapes and sizes.

If attaching the mounting brackets to the side of the spa or deck is not practical, an optional Mounting Plate can be used. This T-6 Aluminum mounting plate slides under the spa and the cover lift is attached to it. This versatile mounting system works with most most spa applications up to 8 feet wide.

Cover-Up cover lifts are built with advanced engineering, quality craftsmanship and provide the following benefits and much, much more…

• Easy Cover Removal
• Convenient Safe Storage
• Extends Cover Life
• Beautiful and Long Lasting Powder Coating
• Cabinet or Deck Mounting

*Please note: If corners of spa have a radius greater than 6″, lifter must be deck mounted.

Showcasing Some of Cover-Ups Technological “Difference Makers”

Forward Fulcrum: This patented design increases the travel over lift ratio, allowing the cover a lower position of storage during spa use, reducing risk from gusting winds and reckless play.

VersaMount: Our mounting brackets are superior for their size and weight. The brackets are made from ductile cast iron with no sharp edges. The VersaMount also provides deck and cabinet mount versatility.

Quality Built: Built with quality in mind, all tubing is .083 wall thickness aluminum (twice as thick as others), brackets are ductile cast iron with no sharp edges, and all stainless steel hardware is included All components are powdered coated with UV protection prismatic powder for extended life.

Narrow Continuous Tubing: Research proves larger tubing causes undue stress to the cover joint seam. Our continuous span design evenly distributes the weight of the cover over the entire length of the cover joint.

Torsion Spring System: Our “Halo” springs provide assistance during the transition of cover movement and reduce shock loads to the cabinet. This assistance can be enhanced by securing the spring to assist lift in both directions.

UV Protected Safety Cables: Durable, safety cables are looped, and feature thimble, swivel post mounting brackets to eliminate kinks. Tested to an incredible 450 lbs. each, they are superior in design, utilizing maximum mechanical advantage.

The Cover-Up spa lift works by allowing you to safely lift and store the spa cover. With the assistance of Cover-Up, one person can easily lift the cover without risk of straining or injuring your back. You can also expect your spa cover to stay looking good and last longer because the Cover-Up stores your spa cover off the ground.

Just follow the three easy steps listed below and you’ll be good to go!

Step 1 – Unlock the spa cover straps, lift the front half of the cover and fold the spa cover over the Cover-Up spreader bar and horizontal bars.

Step 2 – Grasp the cover handles at the rear of the spa and pull gently until the cover is in
the vertical position, or step into the spa and push gently while lifting the cover to
guide it into the vertical resting position for storing.

Step 3 – Relax in your spa. That’s all there is to it! Your cover is now easily removed and
safely stored.

To put your hot tub or spa cover back on, just stand up in your spa and gently pull the cover toward you as you step back to exit your hot tub or spa. When you step out of the spa, simply close the cover and re-lock the cover straps.