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CoverMate ll Cover Lift

Covermate Ll Cover Lift
Our Price: $269.95

Price with Selected Options: $269.95

Covermate ll:

CoverMate ll

These models allow the open cover to rest on the side or lower on your spa depending on your tub. The CoverMate ll has two options, it can be screwed on the side with our Side mount version or under with our under mount version. (Sold Separately.)
Features & Specs:
  • Requires just 18" of clearance
  • Powder coated, aluminum brackets and 7" base plates that simply slide under the spa
  • Under style system uses two aluminum brackets 7" base plates that simply slide under the spa
  • Comes standard with TowelMate accessory for hanging up to three towels

CoverMate II Installation Instructions

Step #1 – Position the spa cover (in closed position) on the spa, making sure that all four corners are properly positioned and square on the spa.

Step #2 – Using the #10 X 1” screws, attach the left and right Mounting Brackets to the appropriate sides of the spa.

Caution: To prevent splitting of wood cabinet, pre-drill holes with a 1/16” drill bit.

Step #3 – Connect the Pivot Arms to the Mounting Brackets. After Pivot Arms are connected tilt them back into the upright position.

Step #4 – Insert the long end of the Support Arms into the center Coupler Piece. Then slide Support Arms into the Pivot Arms.

Note: The Upper Support Arm is the longer of the two Support Arms.

Next, insert the Lower Support Arms into the other Coupler Piece, then slide the Lower Support Arms into the remaining end of the Pivot Arms.

Step #5 – Lay the Covermate on the spa cover. Adjust and center the upper Coupler Piece and Support Arms so that the Coupler Piece is lying parallel to the spa cover’s hinge about a 1/2” away.

Using the #10 self tapping screws, fasten Support Arms to Pivot Arms and the Coupler Piece. Note: Be sure to rotate the Coupler Piece so that the inserted screws are at a horizontal angle with heads facing the back of the spa.

Repeat this procedure for the Lower Support Arms.

Step #6 – Slip the black hand grips to the edge of the spa cover and snap black plastic screw head covers on.

Step #7 – Attach the provided 3 hook TowelMa

Roberts Hot Tubs carries an extensive supply of repair and replacement parts for the entire line of Covermate Cover Lifts, including the CoverMate ll
  • Pivot Arm- 41" X 14 1/2"
  • Support Arm Upper- 20" X 40"
  • Support Arm Lower- 10" X 40"
  • Coupler-42"
  • Left, Right Bracket, Screw Kit 14 1/4" X 4 1/4"