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Multi Wave Replacement Hand Held Remote

Multi Wave Replacement Hand Held Remote
Our Price: $395.00

Multi Wave Version:

Replacement Hand Held Remote.

Please Note: There are different versions of this system, please check the back of your remote and mother controller for a
version number: 3.1, 3.3, 3.4

The Multi Wave or Z-Wave wireless remote is a all in one multitasking controller that functions along side the Multi Wave control system.

This remote displays the status of the equipment, water temperature, thermostat set point, heating status, time clock settings, and overall communication status.

Secondary Z-Wave Wireless Hand-Held Transceiver

The Z-Wave control system includes one wireless hand-held transceiver, which is the focal point of transmitting user commands to the multi-wave receiver and displaying the status of the equipment, water temperature, thermostat set point, heating status, time clock settings and overall communication status.

Adding a secondary hand-held transceiver adds convenience to the list of benefits. Z-Wave wireless hand-help transceivers are all-in-one multitasking controllers capable of communicating with all of your most important devices by toggling the screens on the controller to the appropriate device.

The new backlit display and added features makes managing your devices easier and more efficient than ever before.


  • Water-resistant backlit display shows day, time, equipment status, water & air temperature
  • programs & displays all On/Off schedules, Thermostat settings & variable pump speeds
  • internal memory backup retains communication link during power Outages
  • provides on-demand control of all Z-Wave devices, circuits & temperature settings
  • ability to copy programming to additional remote controls
  • capable of switching motorized valve actuators
  • uses three AA batteries (Included)
  • In addition, the wireless hand-held transceiver floats if it falls into your hot tub or spa, is water-submersible and shock resistant
  • expected battery life is approximately one year with typical use
  • up to five wireless hand- held transceivers can be used in a single installation
Mfg: Intermatic Inc
Mfg#: PE953