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Rendezvous Enhance/Activate Sanitizing System
Our Price: $26.95


Only 100% Chlorine Free Bromine Sanitizing System

The Rendezvous Enhance/Activate Sanitizing System acts as a 2-part bromine sanitizing system for spas or hot tubs and is the only bromine sanitizing system that contains no chlorine.

• Completely Chlorine-Free
• Shocks & Sanitizes Simultaneously
• No Separate Shock Treatment Needed
• Eliminates Odors, Skin & Eye Irritation
• Stable at Wide Ranges of pH
• Buffered to Not Effect pH Levels

Just add Rendezvous Enhance bromide salt solution to your hot tub or spa water once a week to create a bromide reserve.

Adding Rendezvous Activate to the reserve “activates” the liquid bromine salts in Enhance to keep your water clean and clear.

An additional dose of Activate after each use will act as a non-chlorine shock destroying contaminants in the water and eliminates the need for a separate shock treatment to keep water clean and clear.

Most bromine sanitizing systems contain chlorine and some “bromine” tablets are 60% chlorine. Enhance, when used with Rendezvous Activate, is the only bromine sanitizing system for hot tubs and spas that contains no chlorine.

Traditional bromine based sanitation systems require monitoring a float or bromine dispenser, but Enhance/Activate requires just one simple application.

The Rendezvous Enhance/Activate Sanitizing System includes:

One Quart of Rendezvous Enhance – ENHANCE is premixed liquid solution of bromide salts that are released or “activated” when the second component, Rendezvous Activate, is added.

Two lbs. of Rendezvous Activate – ACTIVATE is a powerful oxidizer that “activates” the bromine in Rendezvous Enhance. This combination has been proven to be a very effective and powerful method of killing and preventing bacteria growth and it’s chlorine free.


When First Filling Hot Tub or Spa:

• Add 4 oz. of Enhance for every 250 gallons of water.
• Then add 4 oz. of Activate for every 250 gallons of water.

For Regular Sanitizing Hot Tub or Spa:

• After each use, add 2 oz. Activate for every 250 gallons of water
• Once a week, 1 oz. of Enhance should be added for every 250 gallons of water

Compatible With: Bromine, Chlorine, Ozone, Ionizers & Mineral Purification Systems.