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Rendezvous Enhance Stabilizer/Sanitizer
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Product Description
Rendezvous Enhance Stabilizer/Sanitizer

Rendezvous Enhance acts as both a stabilizer and sanitizer for hot tubs and spas. It’s a clear solution of premixed liquid bromide salts that remain as a stable bromine reserve in your hot tub/spa water until released or activated by the addition of Rendezvous Activate.

Adding Activate to Rendezvous Enhance creates an easy to maintain two-part sanitizing system that is completely chlorine-free and both shocks and sanitizes simultaneously with one simple application.

Rendezvous Enhance’s strong sanitizing power kills and prevents bacteria growth while the fast-dissolving, non-chlorine shock oxidizer Rendezvous Activate quickly destroys contaminants such as perspiration and cosmetics that cause odors and skin and eye irritation.

This two-part sanitizing system will not upset water chemistry balance, is 100% chlorine-free and will keep your hot tub and spa water clean and clear.

• Completely Chlorine-Free
• Clears Cloudy Water
• Eliminates Odors & Contaminants
• Shocks and sanitizes simultaneously
• No separate shock treatment needed when ACTIVATE is used
• Easy to Use
• Simple Maintenance
• Compatible w/Chlorine, Bromine, Ozone & Mineral Purification Systems