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Natural & Safe Alternative to Traditional Spa Care

The Natural is a completely natural and safe alternative to traditional spa care. The ingredients of this product include none of the harsh chemicals normally associated with spa maintenance. It’s packed full of lanolin, vitamins and a seaweed-based enzyme.

An all natural, non-toxic and earth friendly product that will help keep your spa clean and healthy using natural enzymes. Unlike harsh chemicals such as chlorine and bromine, The Natural is 100% safe for people and the environment.

Just empty one 16 oz. bottle of The Natural into your spa or hot tub water and enjoy the natural benefits for yourself, your water and the environment for up to three months.

The Natural is packed full of lanolin, vitamins and seaweed based enzymes. Enzymes are present in all living cells and composed of proteins whose role is to catalyze biochemical reactions that occur naturally every day.

The Natural is an enzyme solution, a powerful and efficient formula that will keep you spa & hot tub clean and healthy after continuous use in conjunction with ozone, iodizes, liquid ions or a non-chlorine shock.

Enzyme build-up of Bromine is a breeding ground for bacteria and although it’s difficult for The Natural to penetrate, it will eventually get rid of it.

If The Natural manages to release a significant amount of this matter, you may in 3-6 weeks get a ‘pond smell’ to your water. This can be eliminated by adding another bottle of The Natural or by shocking the water with chlorine. Either way, the water will right itself and you’ll continue to enjoy your spa & hot tub.

1. Just pour in one 16 oz. bottle of The Natural for up to 500 gallons of water once every 3 months
2.After 1 year of water use, drain your hot tub or spa and start again. You only need to drain the hot tub once a year. By reducing the harshness of the drying sanitizer, no soiled matter builds up in the hot tub water. After one year use, the water will no longer maintain proper pH levels.