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Water Wand

Water Wand
Our Price: $19.95



Hand-Held Cartridge Filter Cleaner

The Water Wand is the worlds first hand-held cartridge filter cleaner. It is highly effective at cleaning all hot tub, spa & pool pleated filter cartridges in significantly less time and uses less water than traditional filter cleaning methods.

Simply attach to a standard garden hose and it's eight pleat-separating fingers and high pressure fan nozzles will quickly, easily & effectively clean your cartridge filter.


  • Makes spa cartridge cleaning quick & easy
  • Cleans 8 pleats at a time, instead on one
  • Soft rubber fingers clean between pleats
  • 8 x 180 degree fan nozzles flush & clean
  • No back splash like other garden hose cleaners
  • Handy ON/OFF switch
  • Rugged design ensures years of quality service

Makes Cleaning Spa Filters Quick, Easy & Efficient!